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Creating systems for human resource development


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In connection with the approved project, part of the PHARE program BG 2006 /018-343.10.01-1.10 "Human resource development and encouraging of employment", Together and Yantar 21 worked collaboratively.


The project activities included the creation of system for the development of human resources in the company which enlisted:

  • developing a strategy for the development of the human resources;
  • creating a mechanism for the development of the adaptiveness of the company and the application of flexibla labour organization

Together  conducted a two-day meeting with key employees from Yantar 21 in order to formulate the mission and vision of the company and to set short and long-term goals for realization.


The report for the stragegy of the development of human resources included: necessity of development of the strategy; human resources analysis; strategic goals and tasks, vision and principles, main activities related to the successful completion of the strategy, success factors and indicators.


Other projects for strategic management of human resources we have are:


Example for that is our work with Agropolychim on the subject "The need of strategic management of the human resources in Agropolychim AD". Author is Dragomira Shuleva, adviser Troels Throelsen from Copenhagen Business School. The case is published in "BG0008.01 Program for management trainings" realized by a collaboration between Bocconi University, Copenhagen Business School, London Business School, KPMG Bulgaria (2002).


Together have a solid experience in the development of study cases for management and development of human resources and if you have any questions you can contact us.


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