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Conflicts with colleagues, supervisors or between different groups are a problem in the professional life of each individual. Their resolution requires high degree of communication, collaboration and knowledge of how to manage them. The module "Conflict management" is a problem oriented model for resolving conflicts, which are described by many practical examples. It focuses on the practical aplication of techniques for resolving problems and it uses many cases and role-plays.



The topics covered in the training:

  • Conflicts and their stages of escalation
  • Main points of the analytic and problem oriented techniques for resolving conflicts
  • Identification of the reasons for the beginning of a conflict
  • Mediation
  • Examplary aplication of a model for resolving conflicts
  • Model of "non-violent communication"




The fee includes - textbook and materials for the training.

The first taking of the test for certificate is included in the fee.



  • For early signing – discount 10 %
  • For more than three signed participants from one organization during the year – 5%
  • For more than seven signed participants from one organization during the year – 10%
  • For more than fifteen signed participants from one organization during the year – 15%

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