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LIVING BOOKLiving Book is method for important conversations in real time. It’s used successfully since 2000 in UK, USA, Australia, Izrael, etc. Imagine you can talk with your favourite author. This method gives you that opportunity. Everybody who wants, can became a Live Book or Active Reader. Live Books answer important questions and both, Live Books and Active Readers are precious with their experience and knowledge exchange. All this discussionsinside the company is creating the sinergia effect that makes 1+1= more than 2.


You choose if you want to be Book or Reader?

Live Book is a person who tells a story – a story on an important for your company topic. He answers Active Readers’ answers and comments.

Active Readers can ask all kinds of questions. The discussions between all of them lead to precious ideas and unforgettable memories.


For the first time in Bulgarian business, this method was used in “My Success”  conference

More information for the method you can find


Some of our project:



1/ Living book - Intervision group seminar – 26-th of July 2011

2/ My success – “My success in Retail” – 29-th of June 2010

3/ My success – “My success in Pharmacy” – 28-th and 29-th of April 2010

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