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Customer service skills and communication

1. Name of the project:


Customer service skills and communication


2. Number and type of training


One-day training for customer communication for employees of Chronika AD (October 2009)


3. Our methods of approach


During 2009 Together by request from Chronika, conducted series of trainings related to the communication with clients.


Our consultants and trainers carried out preliminary interviews and meetings in the company in order to establish the weaknesses in the communication with customers and the needs of the employees.


During the training we accented on theory along with practice. We introduced the employees to the communication as a process and we presented different important communication skills. We also set our focus on the written communication and different practical exercises.


We will conduct a post-training seminars in order to improve the skills for effective written communication with clients and the negotiation skills of the employees - skills with great importance.


4. Pictures


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