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Customer service skills

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Customer service skills 


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Four trainings for Customer Service Skills


(February 2008) 


3. Our approach

We gather information about the specifics of “Butik travel” work that include both care for external clients and for company’s team. The high internal standards that it had already been created in the company, distinguished the offered tourist services for their target clients in Bulgarian market.


It was conducted training needs research for developing customer service skills on Butik Travel’s employees. For that purpose was used the method “Secret Client” for whom it was created a report for the Executive Director.


The training included topics like:

1.      Communication Skills

2.      Sales Skills

3.      Time Management

4.      Objections’ management


The trainings were conducted in interactive style with lots of cases from the Butik Travel practice.


The Executive Director observed process and tracked out the effect in weekly meetings with his team.

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