Specialized trainings


Time and stress management

1. Name of the project and the client:

Time and Stress Management 


2. Number – Type of training and group description

Two two-day trainings for managers and specialists from Kamenitza JSC – Sofia and Plovdiv

April – May 2008


3. Our approach

The idea for this training had come after manager attestation interviews analysis in Kamenitza. The training and development manager – Irina Pavlova - invited us to present an offer for specialized trainings. We conducted four interviews – two in Sofia and two in Plovdiv to prepare the specialized training program.


Our main purpose during the training was to create an effective and creative work environment so that managers could add  new instruments for developing their time and stress management skills.


The program focus during the first training day, was to inspect participant’s personal time organization and help them improve task prioritization.


During the second day, we emphasized on planning, delegating skills and saying “NO” to gain precious working time.


During the training we used individual and group forms of work which included discussions, giving and recieving feedback, exercises, cases review, etc.


The summery information from conducted training was formed and presented as a report for the work we did and concrete ways for future development.


4. Pictures


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