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Event “How to accept the mission both with mind and hearth” for BILLA Bulgaria

1. Name of the project and the client:

Event “How to accept the mission both with mind and hearth” for BILLA Bulgaria


2. Number – Training type and group description


One hundred and sixty managers and specialists from BILLA Bulgaria from all over Bulgaria took part in the event. This one day event is part of program which purpose is the employees’ commitment to the company values and in this way achieve the company mission.

It was conducted on 04.06.2010, at Hilton Hotel, Sofia


3. Our approach

The event is a result of many meetings with HR representatives in BILLA Bulgaria. The Together’s Ltd. trainers created a creative scenario aiming participants involvement with the topic and active participating in the day. We used the method of Future Search Workshop which was suitable with client’s goals. The day was exclusively dynamic, constructive and joyful for all participants.


At the beginning of the event, the participants answered questions like: 


1. What do I like in BILLA?

2. What do I want to better in BILLA

3. What do I suggest so that we and BILLA can change and develop?


The participants were exclusively productive and creative. They integrated TOGETHER around the idea for company development and write down steps they want to start making from the following day and all the days after, until they achieve their goal.


4. Pictures


BILLA_04_06_2010 002.jpg

 BILLA_04_06_2010 004.jpg

BILLA_04_06_2010 014.jpg BILLA_04_06_2010 022.jpg

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