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Living book is an interactive method for live discussions. The first Living book discussion has started in 2000 and since then it has spread to United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Israel and many others countries.


This method was presented in Bulgaria for the very first time as a business networking tool on the My Success Forum. It has already been presented on the International conference for Intercultural Dialogue in Sofia March 2010. You can find more information HERE.


Living Book is a person that tells – How did I succeed in business? This author is open to answer different readers’ questions and comments and share his knowledge and experience. 

Active Readers can ask all kinds of questions. These discussions between the author and the readers create unforgettable experience and inspire new ideas. Readers can book their books for reading on the My Success Forum registration desk.


On 28-29.10.2010  Together successfully presented the Living book method. The presentation was on the 1st Forum for good practices in the leading Bulgarian companies “For Your Success” - practical experience from the TOP managers in Bulgaria - MySuccess   - Bulgaria.


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On 29.06.2010 Together Ltd. co-organized the second edition of „My Success” Forum, this time in Retail. For more information, please click HERE


The event gathered more than 100 participants who work professionally in the Bulgarian retail. Lectors were CEO’s of leading retail companies. Our first presentator was Andrei Evtimov – Mr. Bricolage CEO. Together Ltd. not only co-organized this event, but facilitated the Living Book session as part of the Networking block in the programme. You can see our Books HERE . The event was even more successful than the previous one. We had more discussions and more exchanged ideas about success in Bulgaria. We already start preparing for the next "My Success" in Pharmacy, coming in September. If you want to participate in it and be one of our live books сthis autumn, please contact us on livingbookofmysuccess@zaedno-bg


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