Specialized trainings


Leadership skills


1. Name of the project:


Development of leadership skills


2. Number - training types and description of the targeted group


A two-day training for CSMS managers (March 2008)


3. Our method of approach


The goal of the training was to address different leadership skills and qualities and to demonstrated different approaches used by effective team leaders. The program was divided into different topics.


The focus during the first day was on the creation of clear vision for the role of the leader in the team and introduction to different qualities, related to the optimal performance of every leader. We conducted a series of exercises in order to create self-esteem in the managers.


During the second day of the training we included topics such as motivation, types of leadership, management of conflicts and techniques for giving a feedback. Except that theoretical preparation we conducted a series of exercises non-violent communication.


We presented a written report in English to the senior management.

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