Management skills for development of teams and communication

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1. Name of the project:


Management skills for development of teams and communication


2. Number of trainings and targeted group


The specialized trainings for development of teams and effective communication for managers in "Logistics" and supervisors of the storage premises


3. Our methods of approach


For the research of the initial level of knowledge we conducted two structured interviews with representatives of the targeted group of supervisors of the storage premises with different experience and methods for dealing with their obligations.


Based on the information we recived from the interviews we developed a program with topics common for the three trainings and which we further expanded after the first group when we received more detailed information about the participants. We also conducted role-plays which corresponded to their specific tasks.


The focus of the program during the first day was how a manager in Caven Orbico using his skills for managing people is realizing the mission and vision of the company.


During the second day we accented on the effective management of teams and methods that could be use for the development of the employees.


The information from the trainings was constructed and presented in a form of a report in front of the senior management of the company.


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