TOGETHER's consultants are highly qualified experts in their respective spheres. All have exemplary educational background, supported by the relevant certificates and qualifications for the methods they employ in their work. Most importantly, they have extensive knowledge and experience acquired through working both in Bulgaria and abroad.


The main qualities TOGETHER requires of its experts and consultants are: integrity, enthusiasm, empathy, analytical approach, desire for continuous improvement, reflectivity, passion, creativity, flexibility, responsibility, depth, inquisitiveness, and a willingness to explore novel approaches and accept change.


We work in five languages, in order to talk the language of our clients. Our consultants are all fluent in more than one of the following languages – Bulgarian, English, French, German and Russian.


Presentation of the team


 Membership in professional associations

  • Bulgarian Human Resources Мanagement and Development Association (BHRMDA)
  • Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations (BAMCO)
  • Bulgarian Psychological Association



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Dragomira Shuleva – Manager of TOGETHER.

Always looking to work TOGETHER with somebody and somewhere where value can be added through training. Her main objective is to develop networks of like-minded people both in this country and abroad.

A truly international consultant with over 10 years of experience in training and consultancy services. Her career has spanned from the government and non-government, to the public and private sector. Experience in working on projects for small and medium companies under programmes funded by the EU (eg. PHARE) and the World Bank, etc... Author of training programmes, case studies, and in-company procedures for human resources management and development. A BAMCO certified management consultant (CMC) since 2003. Participates in Internet-based programmes on entrepreneurship and other programmes popularizing modern adult training methods such as Open Space, Future Search Conference, Appreciative Inquiry, Word cafe, etc.
Trainer and participant in training in a large number of projects both in Bulgaria and Internationally (eg. In the UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia). Her interest in South East Europe – Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania - is evidenced by her ever-increasing workload of consulting contracts for a variety of client companies, as well as for multi-lateral donors in this region. She speaks fluent English and Russian and has some understanding of French and Italian.




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Rumen Simeonov – he has worked as a trainer for more than 10 years in the field of life long learning in and outside the working environment. He has a solid experience in training salesmen and developing specialized programs for the evaluation of their efficiency. Rumen has been appling the neuro-linguistic programming in different aspects of the business such as trading skills, negotiating and stress management.


He is actively participating in the creation and presentation of different training modules in  the field of “Neuro-linguistic programming”, “Team development”, “Management skills”, “Leadership in smaller areas”, “Supervision skills” and so on. He is also a certified trainer for the Xpert Personal Business Skills system.




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Emilia Ilieva – senior trainer working on a project base for Together since 2007.

She has remarkable experience in participatory learning for adults as a SMILE coordinator for CCEE for DVV International, Bosphorus Society, Essence Foundation and many others NGO and private initiatives. Manager of Communication Academy, established in 2011.


Trainer of the trainers and international coach with over 10 years experience. Certified trainer for the Xpert PBS and Non Violent Communication. Manager of international project for developing training capacity for creative methods for teaching adults in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. She also leads international workshops in Non violent communication and working with emotions  in Germany and Holland since 2009.

For Together she has been a project manager for VIP Security – Management skills for communication; Middle Management Skills Development Programme and Assessment Centre for EPIQ EA in 2009. SE Bornetze’s Team building for Top management team  in December 2010 - “How to build a multicultural house in Bulgaria” .




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Nikola Yordanov – a consultant and trainer of Together Ltd.


Nikola Yordanov has worked with managers of big companies, public sector and international donor programs in Bulgaria and abroad. He was in charge of projects worth few million dollars and has won project proposals amounting more than a one million euro. He has experience in Leadership, Strategic management, Human resources management and Project management. Throughout last 18 years he has successfully conducted over 500 trainings in Bulgaria and abroad for representatives of business, public sector, local authorities, media and NGO. Between 2000 and 2007 he has worked for the mission of the Organization for security and co-operation in Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina including as a deputy director of a department. Nikola is experienced in team management and cross-team projects.





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Tatiana Vrabcheva – Consultant of TOGETHER.

Tatiana has over 10 years experience as an expert and trainer with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy system, Employment Agencies and the regional Centre for Personnel Qualifications of the Agency for Employment.
A qualified psychologist, she has worked in the private and non-government sectors on a number of European programmes and in partnership with American foundations. As a member of the TOGETHER team she is the author of training programmes, team building and management skills training.






Krassimir Detchev – a consultant and trainer of Together Ltd.


More than 15 years of experience in HRD as team leader and senior adviser, key expert in EU, Swiss, Matra, USAID and other major donor funded projects. Co-ordinated the design, development, delivery and evaluation of training and development modules for SMEs in Types of organisations, Management of change, Job design & assessment, TNA, Selection, Motivation, Compensation policies, Time management, Negotiations skills and conflict resolution).

Developed the state-of-the art and other background papers, course design, training modules in the domain of arbitration, mediation and conciliation (labour-management relations at sectoral level).

Course design and training in “Project cycle management in the project preparation & monitoring process in EU funded projects”.




Vanya Ivanova – works as a coach and trainer. She has been working with TOGETHER since 2007 and she has participated in the development of various projects, seminars and trainings for different key competencies such as management skills, sales skills and negotiation skills.


Since 2004 she has worked  as a manager of different international projects on the Balkans. Along with DVV-international she realized “Historical project” in Saraevo. Part of her responsibilities were organizing, planning and conduction of trainings for interactive methods for teaching history and presentation and communication skills.




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Vladimir Nikolov – Consultant of TOGETHER.

Psychologist with additional qualifications for working with groups. Participates in TOGETHER's projects for team building and management skills training. Considerable experience in the non-government sector working with underprivileged groups on prevention of health problems. He has developed programmes for stress reduction in the work place.

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