Middle Management Development Program for EPIQ Electronic Assembly

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1. Name of the project and the client:

Middle Management Development Program for EPIQ Electronic Assembly


2. Number – Type of training and group description


Sixty managers - middle management - took part in the trainings in groups of 15 people for each of the different modules.


It was a two days training every week for the period: November 2009 – May 2010.


3. Our Approach


This training is a result of Together’s Ltd. team purpose to create program which satisfies the needs of client managers for improvement of their skills and workflow in the company.


The combination of interactive presentations and facilitating the group process allowed the active engaging and participation of the whole group in every phase of the program. Decision making and interactive games supported the participants to build new skills which they successfully put in practice in their real work environment.


With each module, the participants upgraded their knowledge, using the opportunity to consult with our trainers for ways they can improved in practice. The duration of the project provided long-term support for the managers and constantly supplement with new management tools so that they can be more successful in their work.


The program contained five modules:

  1. Communication and presentation skills;
  2. Time and stress management;
  3. Teams and conflicts management;
  4. Management skills;
  5. Leadership skills.

4. Pictures:


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